HorseDream® is not a horse riding course and participants do not need to have riding experience. It is a corporate training, specifically designed for managers and teams – how to communicate, lead, inspire, observe, ask and give feedback as leaders.

HorseDream® is a program for teaching people how be more confident, focused and sensitive.

Here, the horse is a metaphor, our teacher and helper. It is a delicate and intuitive animal, which lives in the present, here and now. The horse teaches us awareness, responsibility and vision.

HorseDream® is an international program for leadership through communication with horses, which has existed for more than 20 years. The program has its own standards established by EAHAE International – the International Association for Horse Assisted Education.

In Bulgaria, HorseDream® is represented by Sparata Equestrian Center and TAURUS Consultants.

The Training process. The team.

Процесът на обучение. Екипът.
The training is conducted within one day (5 modules). One group consists only of representatives of one company, the maxi...

The new training paradigm

Новата парадигма
It has been long since the classical company trainings failed to captivate the participants and thus many organizations a...